Our Team

We know that handing your customer relations and brand message over to an outsourced call center partner takes a lot of trust and assurance.

That’s why at Blue Ocean Contact Centers, we’ve built a leadership team that is among the most experienced in the country. They have built their entire careers immersed in contact centers and call centers, customer contact programs and market research.

They have unique insights into what makes effective contact management solutions and have the expertise to put them into practice. And they are ready to customize a solution for you.

Our Contact Center Leadership

Andrew leads the Blue Ocean Contact Centers operations team. Core to his role is the continuous monitoring of financial performance and productivity, human resource planning, and quality assurance.

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Andrew O’Brien

President and Chief Operating Officer
John is responsible for overall technology strategy and for the implementation of IT solutions for Blue Ocean’s contact centers.

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John Doane

Chief Technology Officer
Patty Isnor is never satisfied with status quo. Her primary focus over the course of more than 30 years with our organization is on ensuring that our company is in a constant state of striving.

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Patty Isnor

Senior Vice President, Corporate Services
Kim Campbell joined Blue Ocean in 2002 and she has had senior project management responsibilities for many of Blue Ocean’s top clients.

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Kim Campbell

Vice President, Operations
As Blue Ocean’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mike Hasler has responsibility for our corporate brand and accountability for strategic growth from both new and existing clients.

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Mike Hasler

Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Over the course of more than 25 years with the organization, Julie Briggs has provided results-driven, proactive financial management that supports long-term client relationships and provides the foundation for Blue Ocean’s strategic growth.

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Julie Briggs

Vice President, Finance
As Vice President, Client Services, Susan Preiss has prime responsibility for client services throughout our operations.

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Susan Preiss

Vice President, Client Services
Cathy’s 30 years of people management experience has been developed through a unique blend of roles within the private sector from Vancouver to Halifax.

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Cathy Biddulph

Director, Human Resources
Amy oversees external marketing and sales communications as well as internal communications for the 600-person contact center

+Meet Amy

Amy Bennet Roach

Director, Communications

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