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AI Solutions


The beauty of Artificial Intelligence in the customer journey lies in the seamless, graceful transition from machine to human. How do you leverage AI to support customers through self-serve and automation to enhance their experience before they ever have to interact with a customer service agent? Easy. Enlist the help of a strategic partner who understands artificial-intelligence-powered customer support.


Using Blue Ocean’s artificial intelligence and self-serve solutions, your customers can glide through their support experience effortlessly and elegantly while you gain efficiencies that look beautiful on your bottom line.


Our artificial intelligence services allow us to support complex care requirements including:


Chat Bot Integration

Respond to customers with conversational interactions combining data from your knowledgebase, internal systems, and trusted external sources. Your customers will appreciate continuity across messaging platforms using personalized customer info from your CRM to offer one-of-a-kind engagement.


Intelligent Self-Service Integration

Guide customers effortlessly to the answers and information they need while reducing inbound contacts and driving cost out of your business. For customers who prefer the self-serve option, their experience interacting with your brand is enhanced by utilizing data derived from customer sentiment, history, and device.


Machine-Learning & Data Driven Omni-Care

Leverage big data to enhance your end-to-end customer experience. The data gathered from millions of customer interactions is a valuable resource in optimizing your customer journey to drive customer satisfaction, increase NPS, reduce customer churn, and drive cost out of your business.


Intelligent Escalations

Transition customers from automated or self-serve interactions to a fully supported experience with an empowered agent when your customer needs human intelligence to reach a resolution. Active monitoring for specific triggers based on customer history and current behavior identifies higher priorities for live agents and connects your customer  to our agent through a smooth click-to-call or click-to-video interface.


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I’ve worked with dozens of contact center partners throughout the course of my career. They all say the same thing. They all say their agents will fully adopt my brand. They all say it. Blue Ocean is the only company I’ve seen where they actually do it.”


VP, Cloud Operations for the World-Leader in Data Intelligence