Deep CX: My Discussion with Tony Won, Player Support, ProbablyMonsters

by Amy Bennet in Amy Bennet, Contact Center Coaching, Podcast


We have another great episode of Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast for you this month! We were lucky to sit down with Tony Won, a leading specialist in player support and our very first guest in the gaming industry. Tony has built up quite the gaming résumé over the years, working with industry giants like Riot Games and Epic Games—he even worked on the smash hit cross-platform game Fortnite!

Today, he works at ProbablyMonsters, an independent game company that aims to change the way games are made and inspire a better industry for all. Tony has already made a big impact at the Washington-based studio and is building the player experience team from scratch to create a people-first organization. He has been a successful player support consultant for years thanks to his deep expertise in customer experience, video game development, live operations support, and much more.

What inspires me most about Tony’s player support journey is his desire and willingness to share knowledge. After starting a blog dedicated to customer support in the realm of video games and helping several startups with CX issues, Tony soon found himself sought after for his specialized talents. And it all stemmed from his genuine desire to help his friends in the industry. It’s been such a driving force in his life that he’s even writing a book on the subject! Tony shares a lot of great tips in this episode for dealing with the kinds of major demand spikes that can occur with video games, and I think you’ll get a lot out of them, regardless of your industry.

We thank Tony for sharing his time with us, and we hope you enjoy the episode!

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