Current State of Affairs at Blue Ocean

by Andrew O'Brien in Andrew O'Brien, Blue Ocean News, News

Stating the obvious, the past few weeks have been a turbulent time for everyone the world over. In response to this crisis, the world of work has been rapidly evolving.  For our clients, our partners, our employees, and our followers here on this site, I want to share a short update about current state of affairs here at Blue Ocean.

To cut to the chase: we are fully in business. With the welfare of our employees in mind and the need to support our clients, we moved 99% of staff from our headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia to work-at-home between March 16-18. Our operations in Bathurst, New Brunswick which primarily support a highly secure insurance program are in the process of transitioning to work-at-home at the time of this writing.

Each day, the landscape in operations continually shifts – as we know it does for each of you. We are continuing to pivot on an almost hourly basis as we respond to what the data for each client is telling us and as we support a workforce of hundreds, most of whom have not worked remotely before. Our Crisis Management Team meets daily and our operations teams are dug in deep with each client supporting their changing dynamics.

In the midst of this extraordinary situation, we launched a loyalty support program for a new client, are in the process of bringing on a second new client, and launched a training class of more than 30 people for an existing client.

We are grateful for the commitment and flexibility of our employees, for the great clients we serve, and the collaborative spirit of our partnerships.

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