Order Management

Deploying the right resources at the right time, every time

Delivering mission-critical order management to high-value, enterprise-level customers takes extreme efficiency and accuracy. It demands intelligent agents supporting end-to-end parts and labor deployment on a global basis. And it requires a deep understanding of service entitlement as well as a true commitment to immediate issue resolution.

Our agents maintain a 360° view of the parts and labor scenario in order to deploy the right resources at the right time. Our order management outsourcing solution delivers everything you need in one package, including field engineer dispatch, technical support on a global basis, reseller support, RMA creation, and OEM support.

What’s more, we painstakingly hire the right agents who can make accurate, intelligent decisions, provide process improvement input, and go beyond routine transactions to ensure your high-value customers are taken care of.

Order Management Insight

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“Blue Ocean knows our business so well, they brought us a process improvement solution that we ended up implementing across a number of theatres. This is the kind of innovation we want from our partners.”
Order Management ClientSenior Manager of Technical Services for Global Leader in Networking Technology

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