Warranty Validation and After-Sales Support

Warranty Validation and After-Sales Support

Great customer experiences don’t end with the sale


The post-purchase process of warranty validation and after-sales support requires a delicate balance to ensure the customer gets the right support for their warranty scenario. And even though the sale is already made, it is still critical to maintain your brand promise and deliver the best support and experience for your customers.

We believe that outsourced warranty validation and after-sales support takes empowered, diplomatic agents who can effectively advocate for the customer. From consumer products to luxury automobiles, our experience spans across the board. We know how after-sales support can continue to impact Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction scores, so we hire capable, intelligent call center agents who can support your mission critical customers.

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I’ve worked with dozens of contact center partners throughout the course of my career. They all say the same thing. They all say their agents will fully adopt my brand. They all say it. Blue Ocean is the only company I’ve seen where they actually do it.”


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