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Recruiting for Your Contact Center: Why Gamers Make Great Agents

by Patty Isnor in Agent Recruiting, Patty Isnor

In mapping the customer journey, the contact center is unquestionably a critical customer touch point, essential to carrying the brand promise and delivering a positive customer experience, placing an emphasis on effective recruiting for your contact center. The challenge, of course, is in determining which characteristics best enable an agent to make that real human connection. […]


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How to Hire People that Fit Your Ideal Contact Center Agent Profile

by Cathy Biddulph in Agent Recruiting, Call Center Agents, Call Center WFM, Cathy Biddulph, Customer Service Outsourcing

To outside eyes, hiring customer service agents might seem like a straightforward order: hire people who are good at customer service… In fact, careful, nuanced hiring is the foundation of any successful customer support program. If you are engaged with an outsourced contact center partner, you want to have confidence that they are hiring the […]


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