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What Your Outsourcer Should Tell You About Hiring Contact Center Agents: A Client’s Guide

by Patty Isnor in Agent Recruiting, Call Center Agents, Contact Center Outsourcing, eBook, Patty Isnor

Are you exploring outsourcing for the first time? Or perhaps you’re looking for a better alternative to your current contact center vendor? Either way, the idea of trusting someone else to take care of your customers can be overwhelming. You’ve worked hard to build your brand and establish customer loyalty. Can an outsourced contact center […]


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[eBook] The End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide

by Mike Hasler in Contact Center Outsourcing, eBook, Mike Hasler

If you’ve landed on our website, chances are you’re somewhere in the buying cycle for contact center services. We published this eBook for you –  The End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide. From customer service support and roadside assistance to tech support and more, we’ve built the expertise you need when you’re considering outsourcing your […]


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5 Lessons for the Buyer of Customer Service Outsourcing [eBook]

by Patty Isnor in Customer Service Outsourcing, eBook, Patty Isnor

Evaluating customer service outsourcing partners? Diffuse downstream issues in your rollout by heeding valuable insights from those closest to your customers – the agents on the frontlines. In this eBook, 5 Lessons for the Buyer of Customer Service Outsourcing– Download it Here, you’ll learn about the top 5 lessons for buyers of customer service outsourcing […]


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