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How to Extend Your Customer Experience Strategy to Your Outsourcing Team

by Kim Campbell in Customer Experience, Customer Service Outsourcing, Kim Campbell

You’ve conducted your “experience audit” and walked miles in your customers’ metaphorical shoes. You’ve labored over reworking processes and playing diplomat to keep the management team in alignment on the customer experience strategy. You’ve trained your teams to deliver on the company’s “experience” vision. You’re measuring key metrics tied to the customer experience to keep […]


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Invest in Customer Experience to Boost Your Bottom Line

by Kim Campbell in Customer Experience, Kim Campbell, Lifetime Customer Value

Everyone believes that improving customer experience (CX) is good for business. And brands like Apple, Nordstroms, Starbucks, and Trader Joe’s attribute their phenomenal success to providing consistently superior customer experiences.  But evidence that customer service is worth investing in goes beyond anecdotes and marketing copy. There is solid research from many fronts that supports the […]


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The Contact Center of the Future Promises Freedom from “Hold”

by John Doane in Contact Center Technology, Customer Experience, Customer Service Outsourcing, John Doane

It is an exciting time in the customer contact industry. When you think about where contact center technology started, it can be traced back to the invention of the telephone. For decades, the voice channel was the only channel available for customers to receive speedy resolutions and attention to their needs. Boy, has that changed. […]


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