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What Your Workforce Management Team Wishes HR Knew

by Patty Isnor in Call Center WFM, Patty Isnor

Whether you’re running your own in-house call center or working closely with an outsourced contact center to manage the load, chances are your workforce management team and your HR teams have had the occasional struggle to understand one another. As the senior vice president of corporate services at Blue Ocean, both our workforce team and […]


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Recruiting for Your Contact Center: Why Gamers Make Great Agents

by Patty Isnor in Agent Recruiting, Patty Isnor

In mapping the customer journey, the contact center is unquestionably a critical customer touch point, essential to carrying the brand promise and delivering a positive customer experience, placing an emphasis on effective recruiting for your contact center. The challenge, of course, is in determining which characteristics best enable an agent to make that real human connection. […]


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Deck the Halls: Two Key Tactics to Preparing Your Contact Center for the Holiday Spikes

by Patty Isnor in Customer Service Outsourcing, Patty Isnor

The National Retail Foundation is forecasting that Americans will spend $600 billion this holiday season. This annual mad rush to prepare the contact center for the holiday season inevitably presents a challenge for contact centers nationwide. Massive spikes in demand mean massive potential for interruption to customer service operations. Unquestionably, holiday madness can also impact […]


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