Blue Ocean Contact Center Agent Helps Change a Young Girl’s Life

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With 24/7/365 operations supporting dozens of national and international brands who are leaders in their industries, our 450+ agents collectively handle millions of contacts a year. Each successful resolution always brings about a satisfying sense of accomplishment. But every once in a while, people in our line of work get the opportunity to deliver a service experience that is truly life altering.

Blue Ocean’s Anthony Conrod didn’t know how significant an impact his work would make when he answered a Tier 2 order management call on a Tuesday afternoon in midsummer. It started as just another call in his workday supporting customers of the world leader in networking technology. Yet Anthony’s quick action, resourcefulness, and decisive problem solving made a world of difference in one young girl’s life.

The Power to Change Lives

The situation itself was desperate. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) had ordered several high performance servers from Blue Ocean’s client. These servers are utilized in standing up a genomic sequencing environment for tailoring cancer treatments.  A CHLA physician had a narrow window of time to run genomic sequencing to customize treatment for a particular pediatric cancer patient. When the necessary server was not completely ready to ship, the hospital reached out for support from their area manager with Blue Ocean’s client. That manager immediately contacted the elite Tier 2 team at Blue Ocean and the call was routed to Anthony.  He quickly grasped the urgency and complexity of the problem: no single depot in the client’s order management network carried all the necessary server parts and time was of the essence.  Undeterred, Anthony researched and accessed every available option around the world. Piece by piece, depot by depot, Anthony requisitioned every necessary component and, in what was nothing short of a small miracle, he was able to coordinate delivery for parts from points around the globe to CHLA by the next morning.

A Smart, Fast, and Decisive Solution

When all of the necessary pieces arrived, the team at CHLA was elated.  Technicians on the ground in LA went into high gear. They completed the installation that same day and, on the day after, the doctor began running tests on the young girl. As a result of Anthony Conrod’s resolve, diligence, and empowered decision-making, that little girl is now receiving treatment.

“Anthony is a true hero to the patient, her family, CHLA and to me,” said our client. And Anthony?  He says he was just doing his job. “I am happy that my project management team and our client put their trust in me and that I was able to help.”

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