What Your Outsourcer Should Tell You About Training Contact Center Agents: A Client’s Guide

by Patty Isnor in Agent Recruiting, Call Center Agents, Contact Center Coaching, Contact Center Outsourcing, eBook, Patty Isnor

You already know that the quality of your customer service depends heavily upon the quality of your customer service agents. But it’s easy to imagine that you can solve that problem by building a robust agent profile and a strong hiring strategy. Spoiler alert: It’s not that easy.

When you’re outsourcing your contact center, the way your outsourcer handles hiring is important, but it’s not the whole story. When you’re in the discovery process for finding a new contact center partner, finding out about the training process is essential. Training contact center agents is an art and science. Cookie cutter programs simply don’t work; neither do programs that focus entirely on the first few days of a new hire’s career and forget about the subsequent months and years of their tenure.

So what does work? Our latest eBook guides you through everything you need to know about training contact center agents in an outsourced environment.

Here’s what’s inside:

• The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Contact Center Agents
• Can You Train Contact Center Agents in Empathy?
• Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cross-Trained Contact Center Agents
• Agent Training and Knowledge Transfer

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