Racing Against Time: Achieving a 96% On-Time Success Rate in a 120-Minute Delivery Window in the Midst of a Pandemic

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We’ve partnered closely with this multinational network technology corporation for many years, providing end-to-end order management support and customer success enablement. We enjoy the freedom they grant us in being able to creatively take on new challenges and goals.


Read on to discover how we:

  • Achieved a 96% success rate of a two-hour delivery window
  • Trained a competing global vendor in best practices
  • Navigated the restrictions of unprecedented global conditions


The Challenge: In recent years, we had achieved success in coordinating a two-hour delivery window of parts and labor for our client’s enterprise-level entitlement clients whenever they experienced a network outage that impacted operations. Our challenge now was to repeat this success for the client’s European customers through their European vendor. In other words, we assisted a competing vendor in implementing our best practices and success template to ensure a seamless experience for our client and their customers.


As with almost everything in 2020, the challenge was escalated with the addition of COVID-19, as well as wildfires in the western United States.


The Solution: Faced with these unique challenges, we collaborated closely with the client’s European vendor to develop a playbook of lessons and insights. We also implemented new best practices to navigate pandemic- and wildfire-related restrictions and evacuations.


The Results: Despite the added chaos of COVID-19, we achieved continued success in our own program and the European vendor-run program also. We have continually achieved the two-hour delivery window at success rates in the 90s and even 100%.

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