5 Lessons for the Buyer of Customer Service Outsourcing [eBook]

by Patty Isnor in Customer Service Outsourcing, eBook, Patty Isnor

Evaluating customer service outsourcing partners? Diffuse downstream issues in your rollout by heeding valuable insights from those closest to your customers – the agents on the frontlines. In this eBook, 5 Lessons for the Buyer of Customer Service Outsourcing– Download it Here, you’ll learn about the top 5 lessons for buyers of customer service outsourcing regarding decisions around process improvement, training, technology needs, and much more.

What can be learned by agents? Quite a bit as we found out. We did some research and interviewed a few veteran agents on the frontlines who have been carrying clients’ brand promises for years. The top five agent insights include:

1. Know the Pros and Cons of Agent Scripting

2. Enable a Smooth Knowledge Transfer

3. Simplify the Agent Desktop

4. Empower Call Center Agents

5. Leverage Customer Feedback

While there may be obvious “red flags” that are pushing your team to evaluate a partner such as growing capital expenditures on technology and facilities, rising call volume, falling KPIs, and increasing customer demand for omni-channel customer engagement to name a few.  Don’t overlook the power of the agent. Any outsourced contact center relationship or any customer service operation for that matter doesn’t rest solely on the shoulders of executives and project management; it’s a shared responsibility that includes agents. After all, contact center agents are privy to the good stuff – all of your customers’ unfiltered compliments, grievances, praise, product blessings, survey replies, and much, much more.

Download and read the eBook today!

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