The End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide

From start to finish, we have created a guide for potential contact center buyers at every stage. Whether you are wondering if an outsourced solution is right for you, matching the right outsourced solutions to your business, or looking for the next steps in your new outsourcer partnership, we have plenty of helpful advice for you. And we have it all in one place!

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to Calculate Call Center Outsourcing Costs
  • A Sample Contact Center RFP Timeline
  • 52 Contact Center FRP Questions to Ask Vendors
  • Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing a Contact Center RFP
  • How to Choose the Best Contact Center (For You)
  • So You Finally Chose a Contact Center Outsourcer. What Next?
  • How to Extend Your Customer Experience Strategy to Your Outsourcing Team
  • The Economics of Nearshore Vs. Offshore Contact Centers
  • How to Succeed as a Client: Helping Your Outsourcer’s Workforce Management Team Win

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