Let There Be Custom Call Center Reporting

by Jamie Hubbard in Customer Service Outsourcing

Want it. Want it. Need it. Got it.

When it comes to reporting, contact center clients should be able to report on relevant activity to the campaign or the process. In too many cases, though, cookie cutter reports ‘throw up’ a ton of data and leave you digging for your calculator or exporting data into your own spreadsheet. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Customization is your birthright. You are the client and you have or are considering investing in an outsourced call center solution. You shouldn’t need to settle for a reporting solution designed for the masses. The menu of options is expansive. The basics start with:

  • Current reporting customized by queue and increment
  • Archived historical data
  • Status of special projects or initiatives
  • Collaborative or shared files

If you have always had to export data into a different summary form or if every time you get a specific report, you have to drill deeper – you need a different report (or a different outsourcer) and maybe it’s not on the menu. Work directly with your outsourcer’s information management team. Show them what you do with the reports they produce once they reach your desk. Let them in on how their reports inform your decisions. And then, work together to design reporting that will let you retire your calculator from ‘drilling deeper’ duty.

Great reporting is like a GPS.  The point of a report is to help you get where you want to go. The primary purpose of any contact center report is to provide you with actionable insight that enables informed decision-making. Reports are tools not outcomes. The reporting tools you receive should contribute to your ability to make decisions that create the outcomes your company is looking for, such as higher customer satisfaction scores or directly on the bottom line. Actionable reports that contribute to realizing goals begin with a process of close collaboration. Find an outsourcer or work with your existing vendor to ensure the report design not only meet functional requirements but also fit with your workflow.

Unchain yourself from the dashboard. Being able to log in into a dashboard to access a full slate of customized reports via a secure online portal is great. Spending unnecessary time to check that dashboard several times a day just to see what MIGHT require your attention– well, that’s not so great. Your outsourcer can free you from frequent dashboard checks by implementing text or email alerts for hot button scenarios. In that type of scenario, you define the parameters you want to act on and those factors trigger alerts sent directly to you if there is a situation that requires your attention.

Innovative, collaborative, custom call center reporting can be a powerful tool in your decision-making process. Quality reporting can have a direct impact your customer experience and your bottom line. Don’t you deserve to receive the report you need? Get in touch with us here for more on how Blue Ocean’s approach to reporting enhances our clients’ ability to deliver a differentiated service experience.


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