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If you’ve got complex customer care requirements, you’ve got our attention! Since 1994, we’ve been developing and delivering innovative solutions to challenging customer care scenarios.


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At Blue Ocean Contact Centers, we’re at the front lines of customer service.


We know we play a key role in building brand loyalty for your organization, and we recognize how essential it is to deliver truly comprehensive customer support across all channels.


If you need customized, high-quality customer experience solutions for mission-critical customers, you’re in the right place. We have an unwavering commitment to seamless customer service and efficient resolution. At Blue Ocean Contact Centers, our agents become your agents.


For over 20 years, our dedication to customer service as a competitive differentiator has enabled us to build trusted partnerships with clients who are market leaders in their industries including:


Insurance & Financial Services

Travel & Tourism

Grocery & Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer Products

Automotive & Roadside Assistance

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Above all, we believe that collaboration, innovation, and customization are the foundation for effective, affordable solutions that consistently deliver on your key metrics.


Blue Ocean is a member company of IMP Group International Inc. For more information, visit the IMP Group website.

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