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Hark the Herald Agents Sing: It’s Holiday Season in the Contact Center!

Heading out of the office this holiday to grab some eggnog and enjoy the lights? While so many of us are off celebrating the festive season for days at a time, there are scores of people on the frontlines working to keep everything running smoothly in industries ranging from health care, to transportation, to broadcasting […]

Top 10 Kudos of 2019: Shining Examples of Customer Service at Its Best

As the holiday season unfolds, we wanted to share the amazing words of gratitude that flow every day from our clients’ customers to our agents.  Below you’ll find the best customer service kudos of 2019 (so far!) with quotes directly from the mouths of customers we interact with. MVP Agent. MVP Customer Kudos. This is […]

How to Engage Gen Z in the Contact Center

Quick, is Gen Z old enough to work yet? No checking Wikipedia… Answer: Yes. While there is a bit of a gray area between where exactly Millennials stop and Gen Z starts, demographers pretty much agree that the starting birth years for Gen Z are in the late 90s. So, with the oldest of the […]

Empowering Your Team to Deliver Kick-Ass Customer Experience

Quick, how many services or memberships do you subscribe to? One? Two? Twenty? You know your wallet is stuffed with membership cards (roadside assistance, your local gym, and Costco) and your front porch welcomes monthly subscription boxes (Blue Apron, Trunk Club, and Honest Essentials), while your go-to entertainment is no longer cable TV but subscription-based […]

Here’s an Idea: Put Millennials’ Needs First

The oldest Millennials are now hitting their late 30s (gulp… really?) They make up more than 30% of the workforce with a cohort that consists of 75 million people. What does that mean for outsourced contact center employers? In our opinion, it means we better be doing a good job setting up an employment experience […]

Contact Center Outsourcing

Blue Ocean Wins Contact Center Thought Leadership Award

We often hear from our readers how helpful our published content is when they are in the decision-making process for partnering with a new contact center outsourcer. We were excited to see that the readers and award committee of the 2022 Customer Contact Central MVP Awards agreed! Our article, How to Launch a Successful Outsourced […]

Setting the Scene for a Successful Outsourced Implementation

*Big News! This article was a winner in the reader-voted Customer Contact Central MVP Awards 2022!*  Picture yourself on the other side of the arduous RFP process (woohoo!) with your chosen contact center outsourcer on your side. Now, you can take a deep breath and get down to the serious business of implementing your program. […]

Contact Center Technology in Your RFP: You’re Asking the Wrong Question

Just a few short years ago (say, 2014 or 2015) when it came to technology, outsourcers were happily touting the cost benefits of their telephony platforms and on-prem systems, showing prospective clients how, instead of having to invest in and maintain their own IT infrastructure, it was a real value add to the client to […]

Does Your Outsourced Customer Care Partner’s Location Matter Any More?

The current climate of customer service demands flexibility and adaptability. To put it mildly, we’re living through one of the weirdest periods in modern history. Entire industries have been unceremoniously ushered into remote working conditions they never planned for, and a palpable pandemic-fueled FOMO has led to “The Great Resignation.”  Everywhere you look these days, […]

Revisiting the Secrets to Incredible Customer Service with Paul R. Jones

  This blog post has consistently ranked as one of our most popular since we wrote it a few years ago. The insight about customer service and the customer experience is still rock solid, and so we decided to revisit the article as we prepare for Customer Service Week 2021.   When it comes to […]

Contact Center RFP

Contact Center Attrition and the RFP: You’re Asking the Wrong Questions

Attrition seems like it should be an easy enough term to define, and determining which bidders’ attrition results best match your own requirements should be easy enough in a contact center RFP. In this article, we are making the case that it’s not always so straightforward. Not all attrition is created equal, and there are […]

60 Customer Care RFP Questions for the Contact Center of Today

2020 marked the workplace like no other year in recent history. For more than two years, everyone worked to settle into new patterns of working and communicating, and we’re finally seeing a return to “normal.” We rejoiced when our favorite coffee shops re-opened, and we got all dressed up again when the commute to work […]

The Ultimate Headache-Free Contact Center RFP Template

  “I love building RFPs!” Said no one ever. We get it. When you’re evaluating new outsourcers for your contact center, you know that a boilerplate RFP isn’t going to cut it. But writing a new RFP is a headache. That’s why, at Blue Ocean, we’ve never been shy about sharing what we believe are […]

Contact Center Technology in Your RFP: You’re Asking the Wrong Question

Just a few short years ago (say, 2014 or 2015) when it came to technology, outsourcers were happily touting the cost benefits of their telephony platforms and on-prem systems, showing prospective clients how, instead of having to invest in and maintain their own IT infrastructure, it was a real value add to the client to […]

5 Things to Consider Before You Go to RFP in 2022

  In a world where the customer experience matters more than ever, the decision to outsource your customer care has significant impact on your brand and its reputation. In 2022, the RFP process holds even greater weight. But it’s also a process that has evolved in the wake of the pandemic. Are you dreading it? […]

Contact Center Technology

5 Evolving Contact Center Technologies and Where the Next Year Will Take Them

  For all the grief, losses, and setbacks the pandemic unleashed, there is a general consensus that it also sparked a revolution on the technical front. The adoption rate of new and evolving technologies accelerated at unseen speeds—resulting in 10 years’ worth of change within a mere 10 months. Contact center technologies are certainly in […]

RFP Questions to Ask About AI in the Contact Center

You’ve got your game face on. You’re prepared for the future of customer service. And you’re ready for your outsourced customer service RFP to hit the road and bring you some stellar options for a new contact center partner. But are you asking the right questions about artificial intelligence? While AI capabilities in the contact […]

Are You Ready for the Future of Customer Service?

Did you know that 32% of customers worldwide will quit doing business with a brand – even if they love it – because of just one bad experience? This statistic from a PwC survey is an eye-opener for any organization that interfaces with customers on a regular basis. But what constitutes a bad experience? Although […]

Ready or Not: AI Customer Service Will Change Your Business and Brand

Say hello to the future: the robots are right here. Artificial intelligence is flipping all kinds of traditional business models on their heads. In the customer support space, AI is changing the customer experience for better or for worse depending on the elegance of your deployment. And the new world of AI is creating out-of-this-world […]

AI and Customer Care: The Future is Here

Siri, Alexa, and OK Google… these are the virtual interactions that Sci-Fi movies have portrayed for decades past. The future is, it seems, here at our fingertips. These technologies are sparking new expectations in today’s consumers on an almost daily basis. We want intelligent interactions that are personalized to our own situations and we want […]

Customer Experience

What’s On the Minds of Today’s Top CX Experts?

  Are you ready for the customer of the future? Today’s 6th graders—who are playing video games on a TV while their laptop shows someone else playing video games on YouTube all while talking with friends through a PlayStation headset—are tomorrow’s customers. And it’ll happen faster than you could ever expect. That’s just one bite […]

What You Need to Know About Contact Center BCP When Outsourcing

In the current landscape of customer service, brands must put themselves in the shoes of their end-users to stay competitive and differentiate themselves. The customer experience reigns, and frontline agents must deliver on customer expectations with reliability and consistency. But what about when crisis hits? If the pandemic has taught us anything it’s that reliability […]

CX Day 2021: A Reflection on My Customer Experience Journey

  As the Vice President of Client Services for Blue Ocean, I am fortunate to work with a wide variety of companies. Clients of all types turn to our company to make sure their customers receive a high level of service excellence. Not everyone gets to follow their passion at work, so I consider myself […]

The Evolution of Customer Experience in the Travel Industry

  Few industries are quite like travel. Can you think of any other industry where anxiety is baked into the product or service? Even before the pandemic, customers found themselves faced with myriad rules, restrictions, and bottlenecks to navigate before reaching their destination, leading to many a meltdown at checkpoints and terminals around the world. […]

What the Subscription Economy Teaches Us About Kick-Ass Customer Experience

  Once upon a time, we could count the number of subscriptions we had on one hand (the newspaper, a magazine or two, and that trusty gym membership). These days, we’ve lost count (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Stitch Fix, Costco, Blue Apron, Hulu, BarkBox, plus the usual magazines, gym memberships, and more). And that’s not […]

Contact Center Metrics and Reporting

Call Volume Forecasting: Predicting the Future from an Unusual Past

  Call volume forecasts are inarguably an essential tool in the successful delivery of customer care excellence. Your program’s forecast is the map that tells you where to go based on where you’ve been. Without it, you’re lost at sea. With it, you’re one significant step closer to delivering an exceptional customer experience. But customer […]

Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Customer Behavior

  What do mattress sales, wildlife populations, and peak customer service times all have in common? These seemingly random data points have all been impacted by COVID-19. Mattress sales have skyrocketed thanks to people spending more time at home—and discovering new sleep challenges as a result of the pandemic. Meanwhile, wild animals are appearing during […]

Validating Your Outsourced Customer Care Partnership: Is Your Incumbent “Still the One”?

  We believe that every outsourcer should earn your business by delivering value day in and day out whether your relationship with them is in its first year or its 20th year. After all, continual improvement and striving to evolve are the hallmarks of long-term success. Great companies are regularly assessing the ongoing value of […]

New Year, New Contact Center RFP? 10 Mistakes to Avoid

If enhancing your customer experience is a strategic priority over the next 12 months, you might be looking at putting out a contact center RFP or RFI early in the new year. Because the partnership you have with a contact center is core to your customers’ journey with you, it’s a relationship that matters more […]

How to Get Actionable Insight from your Contact Center Reporting

A GPS unit that provides a general sense of direction based on landmarks (“turn left at the train station, head South after the statue of the town mascot”) could feasibly get you from point A to point B. But if you want to cut the confusion, speed up your journey and create an overall less […]