Careers FAQs

Blue Ocean Careers FAQs

How can I apply online?

You can apply right now right here.

Where are your offices located?

Our headquarters are located at 7051 Bayers Road in Halifax.

How much do your jobs pay?

It depends. There are a lot of different positions requiring different skills/education and possibly different languages and maybe different hours of operation. The range of rates for hourly agents starts at $16.50 for entry-level English-only customer service jobs and goes up from there depending on skillset, languages, shift times, etc.

I’m really qualified – why didn’t I get called?

There are a couple of possible reasons. 1. The most common reason for this is that your application was incomplete. Give us as much info as possible and be sure to include your résumé. 2. The second most common reason is we couldn’t reach you. Maybe your contact info was incorrect. (Double check it to make sure there were no typos.) Maybe your voice mail box was full. Maybe our email to you went to spam. #happensallthetime 3. There was simply no open position that matched your skills and experience at this time.

Do you have part-time positions?

We only hire part-time under very rare circumstances. Most of our jobs are full-time, year-round positions. In March and April of each year, we hire for seasonal summer ramp-ups, but those are full-time seasonal positions.

Do you have work-at-home?

We sure do. We have jobs that are fully remote/work-at-home, fully in-office, or a hybrid combination of both. For many of our positions, if you work within 45 minutes of our head office, you can choose the work arrangement that suits you best: at-home, in-office, or hybrid. Check the details in each job postings for more info.

I don’t live in Atlantic Canada, can I work from home for Blue Ocean?

Yes! We frequently hire for fully remote jobs that can be done from almost anywhere in Canada provided you have internet that meets our operational standards.

Can I drop off a résumé at your office?

Nope. It’s 2023. Use the online tool. 😊

What is the Blue Ocean benefits package?

Check out the basic benefits and perks here (one of our favs is the RSP matching program). Your recruiter can tell if the specific job you are applying for comes with enhanced benefits.

I was not hired for a specific job, will I still be considered for another opening?

Yes! If you applied for a tech position, for instance, and didn’t pass that specific test, we would automatically consider you for a position that didn’t require that skill set.

Are there opportunities for growth?

Absolutely! We have lots of different career path options – coaches, trainers, specialists and Subject Matter Experts, Tier 2s, HR, Project Management just to name a few – something for almost everyone! Check out this video.

What should I do to prepare for my interview?

Check out our top tips here.

I’m a former employee. I need to update my address on your records so I can get my T4.

You can send an email to Natalie MacLean with your updated info.

I used to work for Blue Ocean. Do you ever re-hire former employees?

We sure do! If you left to pursue your education or you moved away and have moved back or something positive like that, we would love to hear from you! Pro tip – if you got fired, chances are we aren’t going to rehire you. #harshbuttrue