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We challenge you to find another BPO where the average tenure of the leadership team is more than 17 years. The experience, expertise, and abilities of this group form the foundation our company is built on. They like each other and trust each other and our clients like and trust them as a group. That’s a pretty good starting point for successful relationships that add value.

As President and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew leads the Blue Ocean Contact Centers operations team.

Andrew O'Brien

CMRP, President and

Chief Operating Officer

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John is responsible for overall technology strategy and for the implementation of IT solutions for Blue Ocean’s contact centers.

John Doane

Chief Technology Officer

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As Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, Patty leads initiatives in human resources, facilities design and management, and employer branding.

Patty Isnor

Senior Vice President,

Corporate Services

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As Vice President, Finance, Julie is responsible for the smooth operations of all financial functions from the development of initial client contracts through to the financial management of client relationships.

Julie Briggs

Vice President,


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In her role as Vice President, Operations, Kim is responsible for overall project management structure and the delivery of Blue Ocean’s value proposition with a focus on shared resources and financial metrics.

Kim Campbell

Vice President,


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As Blue Ocean’s Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mike has responsibility for our corporate brand and accountability for strategic growth from both new and existing clients.

Mike Hasler

Vice President,

Sales and Marketing

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As Vice President, Client Services, Susan Preiss has prime responsibility for client services throughout our operations.

Susan Preiss

Vice President,

Client Services

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In her current role as Director, Sales & Marketing for Blue Ocean, Amy oversees external marketing and sales communications as well as internal communications.

Amy Bennet Roach


Sales & Marketing

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As Director, Human Resources, Cathy is responsible for ensuring that we have the right people in the right roles to support our clients’ goals.

Cathy Biddulph


Human Resources

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Sean is responsible for Blue Ocean’s workforce strategy, ensuring that our workforce solutions deliver efficiency while driving out cost and improving the customer experience.

Sean Miller

Director of Workforce Management

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