Our People

At Blue Ocean,

our people are everything.


Will you find meaningful career growth, like Jacqui?


Jacqui started as an agent at Blue Ocean. Now she’s a Change Management Manager.

Play the video to check out her story.

Sean Mo 2

Perhaps you’ll fall in love with our culture, like Sean.


“When I applied, I didn’t see myself working here for very long. You hear horror stories about other call centers… I quickly found out that’s not Blue Ocean. It’s not the way we do things, it’s not the way it looks, and it’s not the way it feels. And so I’ve now been here over 13 years, and I feel that’s a testament to what the culture is like here. I started as a frontline agent, worked my way into different roles, and am now an HR Manager.”


Sean M., HR Manager

Or maybe our team will inspire you, like Karim.


“Even after 12 years, every day when I show up, it still feels like my first day. I feel energized, everyone is cheery, and these amazing people keep you motivated to keep coming back to do more.”


Karim H., Customer Success Specialist

No matter where you land,

our offices will take you by surprise.


(Watch the video below for a sneak peek!)

We’ve got something special. Just ask Josephine.


“When I interviewed at Blue Ocean, sitting in the fourth-floor lobby with all the windows and comfy couches, I kept waiting for it to turn into a call center. I kept thinking it was a weird façade… but 10 years later, we’re still not this traditional call-center-feeling business. And the growth here is unbelievable. If you really focus, do your job, and are committed, you can grow with Blue Ocean.”


Josephine H., Corporate Training Coordinator

How do we love our employees?


Let us count the ways

Amazing Coffee Program

Company Discounts for Shops & Services

Free Parking

Public Transit

Employee Appreciation Events

Recognition & Incentive Programs

Dental Insurance

Vision Care Insurance

Medical & Paramedical Insurance

Employee & Family Assistance Program

Scholarships & Bursaries

Employee Referral Bonus

Years of Service Recognition

Biweekly Treat Days

We can’t wait for you to join us!


Before you apply, check out our top tips

Top 5 Application Tips

More is more.

Completing every section of the application will help you stand out against your competition.

Spelling counts.

Most of our jobs have some written component to them. Use the application process to show off your good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and proper use of capitals.

Be real.

Give us an accurate picture of yourself and your availability. We want to match you to the position that is the best fit for your skills and schedule.

Experience isn’t limited to work.

Show us the whole picture. Musicians, athletes, artists, actors, volunteers … we value the attributes you bring to the workplace!

Your résumé will bump you to the top of the list.

For real. Applications that are complete and include a résumé are processed first.

Top 5 Interview Tips

Be on time.

In our business, punctuality is priceless. Get off to a great start by giving yourself plenty of time for something to go wrong on the way to the office.

Dress for success.

We hold ourselves to high standards. That includes a business casual vibe at the office. Leave the jeans, sneakers, and hoodies at home.


Do your research. Read our blogs. Look at our infographics. Get to know us before the interview. (Bonus Tip: If you are interviewing for a bilingual position, you’ll want to focus on not using slang in your interview and language testing.)

Ask questions.

This is your chance to be sure you know what is expected and if the job is right for you.

Stay cool.

Our recruiters are actually really nice. They love hiring people! They are rooting for you to be successful.

What Attributes Do You Bring to the Table?

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Strong Leadership Qualities


Excellent Communication


Strategic-Thinking Skills


Relevant Post-Secondary Education

Relevant Subject Matter Expertise


Problem-Solving Skills


Aptitude for Process Improvement


Contact Center Experience

Aptitude for Stats & Trend Analysis


Critical-Thinking Skills


Decision-Making Skills


Excellent Written Communication Skills

Relevant Subject Matter Expertise


Presentation Skills


Aptitude for Knowledge Transfer


Organizational Skills

When you start at Blue Ocean, a hundred doors of opportunity are opened.