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Chasing Unicorns: Is It Possible to Have a Strategic Partnership with Your Contact Center?

by Mike Hasler in Contact Center Outsourcing, Customer Service Outsourcing, Mike Hasler

True or false: your outsourced contact center provider is just another vendor. Attempting to establish a strategic partnership with your contact center is like chasing a unicorn. It’s a valid question. There are plenty of areas of your business that you outsource without a second thought. The place you order office equipment from or the […]


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5 Insights About Sourcing and Developing Strategic Partnerships

by Mike Hasler in Customer Service Outsourcing, Mike Hasler

Running a successful strategic sourcing process for high value services like outsourced customer service is a complex undertaking. The process extends from building and running an RFP competition, through delicate negotiations, and right down to crafting the service level agreement. The senior strategic sourcing professional must be an expert in not only his or her […]


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