Industry Specific Solutions

Industry-Specific Solutions

Customized Omnichannel Customer Support


Whether your business serves individual consumers or global, enterprise-level customers, your company has service expectations to live up to and brand promisesto deliver on. We excel at providing omnichannel, multi-lingual, and high-quality solutions across a variety of industry sectors.


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Here are a few of our specialties.

Consumer Products and Services

Our agents get hands-on in helping customers with troubleshooting and issue resolution in the area of consumer electronics and other consumerproducts. We know what it takes to deliver exception customer experiences.

IT and Consumer Electronics

From routine troubleshooting to complex technical support, we know what it takes to deliver outstanding customer experience while simultaneously resolving the technical issues of a broad spectrum of customers.

Insurance & Financial Services

From life-or-death medical crises to claims adjudication to account administration, our agents are on the frontlines, managing complex care issues in insurance and financial services from customers across the world.

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism are where Blue Ocean started, a lifetime ago. From travel booking and reservations to customer service and issue resolution, we’re on board, be it air, ferry, bus, or car. We get your customers from A to B without a hitch.

Grocery & Consumer Packaged Goods

We’ve worked for the largest health and nutrition company in the world, positioning us to deliver exceptional customer service in health and wellness, grocery delivery, retail, eCommerce, and other CPG sectors.

Automotive & Roadside Assistance

Automotive and roadside assistance is the epitome of complex customer service support. With unpredictable and extreme peaks in call volume, only the best outsourced partner can respond to balancecrucial metrics with the intangibles of superior customer experience.

Don’t take our word for it


A quick word from an existing client


I’ve worked with dozens of contact center partners throughout the course of my career. They all say the same thing. They all say their agents will fully adopt my brand. They all say it. Blue Ocean is the only company I’ve seen where they actually do it.”


VP, Cloud Operations for the World-Leader in Data Intelligence

Our WFM Team puts the right people in the right place at the right time


And they knock it out of the park every time