Welcome to Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast

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It’s long been said that the waters of customer service run deep. What’s that you say? Nobody actually says that? Well, we’ve been saying it around the Blue Ocean offices since we first opened our doors.


Look beneath the surface of any call center and you’ll find a robust ecosystem, teeming with life, excitement, and drama. There’s a lot going on—and a lot to talk about.

Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast

Dive in!

That’s why we decided to throw our hat in the ring of customer experience podcasts. Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast is made by and for people who care deeply about the customer experience. Over the course of each episode, you can expect to hear and learn about the things that make our vibrant industry tick:
  • Deep thoughts on navigating the customer service journey
  • Tips on getting the most from your outsourced CX partner
  • Untold tales of call center heroism and horror
  • And so much more!
Some episodes are a bit like a calming audio book walking you through the ins and outs of CX, while others will feature spirited conversations with some of the leading minds in the business. There’s so much going on under the surface of CX, and we can’t wait for you to join the conversation.


Subscribe to Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast today on your favorite listening platform. Episodes drop every month—and if you’re good, we might even send you a bonus episode from time to time. Like we said: there’s a lot to talk about, so let’s dive in!
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