Steps to a Successful Launch


Your Guide to a Successful Contact Center Launch

Launching a new outsourced contact center is an art and science. The smoothest contact center launches happen when these best practices are followed:

A Comprehensive and Clearly Articulated, Agreed Upon SLA and Statement of Work

Understanding with complete clarity what success measures are important for our client is the single most important aspect of the transition. We need to know what success looks like to you before we get out of the gate. It’s that simple. This is the opportunity to get on the same page about KPIs and metrics, call volumes and forecasts, training, scheduling, and more well before that magical go-live date.

A Structured Launch Plan

The stress of a contact center launch is cut in half with a carefully constructed implementation plan that identifies deliverables, owners, dependencies, and timelines. All milestones and objectives needed are clearly defined and assigned to accountable resources. Any potential slippage requires immediate escalation to ensure that the appropriate focus and resources are available.

Adherence to Communication Plans

Frequent – and transparent – communication between leadership on both sides is essential to a smooth launch. We conduct implementation meetings with our client’s teams at least weekly during the implementation and often several times a week or daily as required.

Resource Allocation

The most successful transitions happen when both partners have the right resources in each functional area to prioritize the implementation. If executive buy-in is needed to clear the way to meet milestones, a reorganization of priorities has to happen in advance.

Technology Integration

As an outsourcer, it is routine for us to design a network architecture that integrates with our client’s systems. We have designed many custom configurations to match the specific environment of individual clients. Most commonly we access our client’s systems through one of two ways:

    • Secure site to site VPN configuration or
    • Remote desktop or application access via Citrix or similar technology. This enables our agents to be remote users of our client’s systems.

Strategic Partnership

Overall, launching your outsourced contact center for long-term success requires a highly strategic partnership with your outsourcer. Two critical factors behind this partnership are, simply, trust and cultural alignment. You must be able to trust your contact center partner, their experience, and their processes. Of course, to have that confidence, you need a partner that is transparent in their capabilities, expectations, and track record. Once established, trust will facilitate effective communication throughout the implementation process.


Cultural alignment is equally important. When the mission and values of both organizations align, it is much easier for the outsourcer to embody your brand when interacting with your customers. Strategic agent hiring and training is also key here, so that your brand experience is delivered seamlessly to customers from the moment your outsourced contact center goes live.

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