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Empowering Your Team to Deliver Kick-Ass Customer Experience

by Kim Campbell in Agent Insights, Call Center Agents, Customer Service Outsourcing, Kim Campbell, Roadside Assistance

Quick, how many services or memberships do you subscribe to? One? Two? Twenty? You know your wallet is stuffed with membership cards (roadside assistance, your local gym, and Costco) and your front porch welcomes monthly subscription boxes (Blue Apron, Trunk Club, and Honest Essentials), while your go-to entertainment is no longer cable TV but subscription-based […]


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Did You Give Up on Your Resolutions Yet?

by Patty Isnor in Agent Insights, Patty Isnor

Let’s just be real here. The majority of us set New Year’s resolutions, knowing all along that we will more than likely quit just weeks, if not days, after January 1st. We do it year after year, and we watch the people around us do the same thing. So what is it about human nature […]


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