Diversity, Equity, Belonging

Intent for Diversity, Equity, Belonging at Blue Ocean Contact Centers


It is a deeply human need and desire to belong. That’s why we seek to intentionally nurture a diverse and equitable environment of belonging at Blue Ocean.


We know that this statement is more than just words on the wall. It requires real work and commitment. For Blue Ocean, that looks like the following:

The work environment and culture at Blue Ocean is actively anti-racist, and pro-actively inclusive. That means we are aware of the impact of discrimination and unconscious bias and actively work to prevent it.

There is a sense of belonging for all people - no matter their colour, their race, their gender, their age, their sexual orientation, their family status - within the Blue Ocean culture because of our approach to equity and equality.

There is a demonstrated ongoing commitment to education, awareness, training, and open dialogue.

There will be no tolerance of overt or covert racism, discrimination, bias to any employee that affects their employee experience.

Blue Ocean managers understand what it means to be an inclusive leader and are held accountable for demonstrating inclusive leadership.

Employees are aware of the above intentions and acknowledge and understand philosophies and actions that support all efforts to enhance and maintain diversity, equity, and belonging.

Blue Ocean is an Employer Partner with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) which provides us with support on our diversity and inclusion journey.