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Jamie Hubbard


Director, Information Services


Jamie Hubbard has been an integral part of the Blue Ocean team for decades, building and collaborating on virtually every database and application within our information technology infrastructure. He has been instrumental in developing and delivering our information systems and continues to guide his team towards greater innovation.


As Director, Information Services, Jamie has senior responsibility for Blue Ocean’s team of application developers and business analysts providing the management, and ensuring the integrity, of the information that we utilize to run our own business as well as the information insights we deliver to our clients to help them make strategic business decisions.  It is Jamie’s responsibility to ensure the right information gets to the right stakeholders and he plays a key role in developing effective information services solutions for both new and existing clients.


In addition to training specific to database management and application development, Jamie has a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics, Honours) from University of Kings College and a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney.


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