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Kim Campbell


Vice President, Operations


Kim Campbell joined Blue Ocean in 2002 and she has had senior project management responsibilities for many of Blue Ocean’s top clients. In her role as Vice President, Operations, Kim is responsible for overall project management structure and the delivery of Blue Ocean’s value proposition with a focus on shared resources and financial metrics.


Prior to joining Blue Ocean, Kim worked for Quebecor and Brunswick News in marketing and sales roles.


Kim has an excellent track record of growing her clients’ revenue and building trusting relationships. Her success has been driven in large measure by her analytical skills, her ability to identify and resolve challenges, and her dedication to improving performance through creative solutions. Kim’s energy and gift for relationship-building are highly valued both by her colleagues at Blue Ocean and by our clients.


Kim is a graduate of NBCC’s Business Administration program with a major in Marketing. She has been a dedicated volunteer for a number of community organizations including the Relay for Life in both Saint John and Halifax.


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