[eBook] The End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide

by Amy Bennet in Amy Bennet, Contact Center Outsourcing, eBook

If you’ve landed on our website, chances are you’re somewhere in the buying cycle for contact center services. We published this eBook for you –  The End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide. From customer service support and roadside assistance to tech support and more, we’ve built the expertise you need when you’re considering outsourcing your call center team.

And over the years, we’ve used that expertise not only to deliver outstanding service to our clients, but also to publish hundreds of articles to give you the answers you need when faced with various contact center challenges and opportunities.

When we sought to determine which blog posts were most popular, the pattern was clear: for every step of the buying process, you’re looking to gather the insights you need to make a more informed business decision.

That’s why we’ve accumulated our most read posts and consolidated them into our Contact Center Buyer’s Guide, an eBook that will assist you in your quest for the right contact center outsourcer.

Buyer's Guide

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to Calculate Call Center Outsourcing Costs
  • A Sample Contact Center RFP Timeline
  • 52 Contact Center RFP Questions to Ask Vendors
  • Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing a Contact Center RFP
  • How to Choose the Best Contact Center (For You)
  • So You Finally Chose a Contact Center Outsourcer. What Next?
  • How to Extend Your Customer Experience Strategy to Your Outsourcing Team
  • The Economics of Nearshore Vs. Offshore Contact Centers
  • How to Succeed as a Client: Helping Your Outsourcer’s Workforce Management Team Win

Download our End-to-End Contact Center Solutions Buyer’s Guide here.


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