What’s Trending in Customer Service Right Now?

by Amy Bennet in Amy Bennet, Customer Service Trends

Time kind of lost all meaning in the first half of 2020 so it’s especially hard to believe we’re in the middle of summer already. In the world of customer service, every industry has had their own unique challenges this year, and it’s clear that most companies have had to pivot in their approach. We were curious what industry influencers are talking about right now and wanted to share our findings here.

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Empathy Is Not Just a Mindset; It Is a Learned Skill

Customer experience expert Adam Toporek has noticed a lot of talk about empathy lately – and rightly so. With months of stay-at-home orders, lost jobs, closed schools, and, of course, the pandemic itself, people are in high need of empathetic connections. Every customer service interaction is an opportunity to deliver this connection point. But Adam argues that it’s going to take more than a simple “mindset shift.” He lays out the skills that lay behind the practice of empathy in this article – definitely a must read.

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Proactive or Reactive CX? CX Strategy and Skills “Then” vs “Now”

Industry influencer Annette Franz teamed up with a handful of other customer experience industry veterans to provide an insightful look at the evolving world of customer experience – especially in light of this most recent crisis. The focus here is on the ability to be agile and responsive rather than reactive or victim to knee-jerk decisions. Check out these insights and strategies.

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Zappos’ “Customer Service for Anything” Is a Very Human Experience

Zappos is a favorite example in the customer service world of a brand that has set the standard – and they set it high. They recently launched a customer service program that is, quite literally, for anything. It’s certainly not every company’s goal to be able to answer any question under the sun, but the initiative serves up a valuable lesson in what it means to be human. This article from Zendesk explores the power of connection, the human experience, and “human debt.” Definitely a fascinating read.

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Trust Is More Important Than NPS or CSAT

Consumer insights expert Tom Anderson uses this article to explore what trust looks like in customer interactions. He argues that it’s one of the most valuable metrics in customer service – especially in a world that feels upside down to so many. It’s a tricky one to measure, but it’s a metric much more stable and accurate than customer satisfaction scores. Check out this article to find out how companies can build, maintain, and measure the trust factor.

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Use the Human Conversational Model to Create Engaging Contact Center Interactions

If you’ve noticed by now that the word “human” keeps popping up, know that it’s not an oversight. The crises and unrest that fills the news, social feeds, and everyday conversation are fundamentally humanitarian issues. So it’s no wonder that more and more brands are reframing their customer service from a more human perspective. Isabelle Zdatny, customer experience expert at Qualtrics, introduces the Human Conversational Model for contact centers. The Model is essentially a collection of strategies and best practices to create stronger, more productive interactions with customers. This is valuable, actionable insight that can be passed on to agents quickly and easily.

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Exploring Trends in Customer Service in 2020

It’s been a turbulent year so far. How are you weathering the storm? How about your customers? It’s clear from this selection of articles – as well as many others – that many brands are starting to really listen and tune in to what their customers are saying. And these conversations are in turn evolving customer service and experience strategies – for the better.

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