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Amy Bennet Roach


Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Prior to joining Blue Ocean Contact Centers, Amy Bennet Roach spent 25 years in the PR and advertising industries. Her experience extends from developing and implementing multichannel marketing plans to managing crisis communications through to speech writing for federal cabinet ministers.


In her current role as Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Blue Ocean, Amy is an integral part of the leadership team, driving growth through the acquisition of net new clients who are the right fit for Blue Ocean’s offering. She leads the team executing on Blue Ocean’s marketing strategies and leads the sales team as they identify, nurture, and close new business opportunities. In this role, Amy continues to push marketing strategies and sales activities to new levels, creating attraction and consideration for Blue Ocean in the global contact center market.

In addition to her leadership responsibilities, Amy is a frequent host of Deep CX: A Blue Ocean Podcast, delving into conversations with industry leaders. The show sprung from the idea that, beneath the surface of most contact centers, there is a dynamic ecosystem, teeming with life, excitement, and drama. Amy has taken to the podcasting medium with aplomb, radiating genuine curiosity about the world of CX in every discussion she has and coaxing the very best out of the field’s leading experts.

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