What’s Everyone Talking About in Customer Experience?

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The contact center is ever evolving to meet the shifting expectations and habits of today’s customers. That’s why we like to regularly tune in to experts from the world of customer experience to find out what’s new. We checked in with some of the top thought leaders for their most recent thoughts about customer experience trends. Read on!

What Happens to CX When the Whole Company Is Aligned

Customer experience is a front-and-center topic for the contact center… but excellent CX depends on the entire organizational culture. In “Customer-Centric Harmony: Crafting Experiences That Strike the Right Chord,” CX expert Olga Potaptseva outlines a holistic approach to engaging customers by aligning leadership, technology, processes, people and culture, and customer experience management.

She argues that these elements must work together seamlessly, much like a symphony, to create lasting customer loyalty and advocacy. Potaptseva emphasizes the importance of innovative technology, flexible processes, and a supportive culture, backed by strong leadership, to foster exceptional customer experiences and sustained organizational success.

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From Customer Centric to Earth Centric

In her article “From CX Basics to CX Brilliance: Why Circular Design is a New Must-Have Skill for CX Pros,” top CX voice Stephanie Thum emphasizes the growing importance of circular design as an advanced competency for customer experience professionals.

She explains that while CX pros already excel in human-centered design, circular design expands this by incorporating environmental consciousness. Why many of the decisions behind offering more sustainable products happen outside of the contact center, frontline agents should be able to speak competently with customers about this topic.

This aligns closely with the conversation around ESG in the contact center. As regulations across every industry increasingly demand sustainability, mastering circular design can add significant value to businesses by aligning with customer values and regulatory requirements.

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The Customer Is Always Right… Except in Opinion Surveys?

CX thought leader Alex R. Jimenez critiques the reliability of customer opinion surveys, noting that biased questions and misinterpretations can lead to misleading conclusions. Although Jimenez is focused on the banking sector, this critique extends to contact centers across various industries.

Misguided survey results can result in poor strategic decisions that fail to address true customer needs. Jimenez advocates for a critical assessment of survey methodologies and data sources to ensure strategies are informed by accurate and actionable insights.

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Empathy in CX Is Never Old News

CX keynote speaker Dan Gingiss is a believer in the power of remarkable customer experience. And one of the most critical ingredients in great CX? Empathy.

In his article, “Empathy in Customer Experience: A Key Loyalty Driver,” he explains that empathy plays a crucial role in customer experience, going beyond the delivery of good products or services. It involves understanding and validating customers’ feelings, which can significantly enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

Techniques for demonstrating empathy include active listening, personalized responses, follow-ups, feedback mechanisms, and employee empowerment. Gingiss calls out companies like Zappos and Southwest Airlines that exemplify empathetic practices. Integrating empathy into customer interactions can differentiate businesses and foster long-term loyalty.

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CX at the Intersection of Artificial and Real Intelligence

We couldn’t write about CX trends without mentioning AI. In thought leader Dennis Wkabayashi’s latest article, “3:AM in the morning at Intersection of Artificial and Real Intelligence,” he explores how artificial intelligence revolutionizes customer experience by deepening interactions between businesses and customers.

He also looks at AI-driven innovations in customer service solutions, such as real-time conversational analysis and predictive actions, enabling businesses to proactively address customer inquiries and issues, fostering loyalty, and setting new standards in customer care. Wakabayashi underscores the crucial role of leadership in fostering an AI-enabled environment, emphasizing the shifting focus of AI adoption towards customer experience improvements.

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