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As we find ourselves entering the strangest holiday season we’ve ever experienced, we want to be sure that while we can’t celebrate together this year, that we still give thanks to our exceptional people and clients. It is our pleasure to share just a small sample of the amazing words of gratitude and recognition from our clients’ customers for our agents. Each week, we broadcast the compliments and kudos our agents receive across the company. Celebrating individual and collective victories and accomplishments is core to our culture. We’re happy to spread that love around, especially at this time of the year. Grab your tea or coffee and settle in for few minutes to do nothing more than read about people being grateful for each other.

Get the Pedestal Out.

Our favorite compliment so far this year goes to Jason L. on our eComm grocery retail program. Jason’s customer called our client and said, “This guy needs to be put up on a pedestal and worshipped! He’s really nice.” We agree, Jason!

Kindness Counts, Especially in a Pandemic.

Our eComm grocery team was providing a critical service in the greater New York area this year. Volumes were off the chart and things were pretty wild. Two of Charlie B.’s customers expressed their deep gratitude for his exceptional service.

Customer Hilary A. wrote: “I can’t THANK YOU enough. I am so appreciative that words will not justify the feelings. You have truly “paid it forward” by this gesture especially during these unprecedented times.”

And Charlie’s customer Susan wrote: “Thank you so much for your quick response. I understand it’s a particularly tough time with the overwhelming demand so high for so long. And then there’s the supply chain. You delivered great news, and it not only makes myself and my family’s day better but all the days to follow.  To know that a supervisor like you has my back is impressive, and I greatly appreciate it. I applaud you for your work on my behalf including going to the source, the wonderful chefs that make it all possible.”

When Your Client is a Raving Fan

We provide complex support solutions for global tech companies, often working hand in hand with their internal engineering and sales teams. Our agent, Phill S. received amazing kudos from an internal stakeholder for our data intelligence client who said: “I recently worked with Phill on assisting a customer with entitlements and licenses. Phill reached out to me to better educate me so I could not only better educate this customer but others like him and therefore reducing cycles for all of us. He was very helpful. I wanted to congratulate your team on the good work. I can tell Phill really cares about our company and our customers.”

Our team working on behalf of a global networking technology company also supports enterprise level clients. Like Phill in the example above, our Rod. M. received wonderful kudos from an internal stakeholder working to support a major client. Lyn wrote: “I appreciate Rodrigo because he is so considerate and generous with his time and knowledge. I had need of his assistance with a critical military case that required close attention, RMA coordination, and a lot of moving parts and people. He far exceeded all expectations of his participation, and I am very pleased with his professionalism and continued support. Thanks and kudos to Rod for being there when needed most. Rod is a great asset to your team. ” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Getting the Balance Just Right

Agent Natalie L. also received a “Token of appreciation” email from our networking tech client: “Natalie has built strong relationships with her customers that allows her to balance the customer’s needs with what is the right thing to do for our business.” Happy customer, happy client. Way to go, Natalie!

Knocking the Customer Off Their Feet

Our eComm support agent Matt D. blows his customers away. His customer Audrey D. said, “Matt was staggeringly helpful, went out of his way to explain what I needed to do, made suggestions, and couldn’t have been more helpful. Totally impressed.”

Matt’s teammate Colleen T.’s ability to truly empathize with her clients earns her top marks on a regular basis. One of Colleen’s grateful customers wrote: “Colleen felt my stress and truly wanted to help. I had company coming over within the hour and a messed-up delivery. Colleen was friendly, patient, and determined to make things better.”

Ownership and Genuine Human Caring

Our eComm agent Jessica J.’s ability to take ownership and make things better goes a long way to building lifetime loyalty. Her customer Mary G. said: “I am so grateful. I appreciate how you respond with care concern, efficiency, and accountability.”

And her teammate, Sabrina M. received warm words of thanks from customer Lillithe M. who said, “This person was such a genuine human being. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and extremely respectful. Anytime I have an issue this is the person I would want to speak with.”

Sometimes Persistence is the Name of the Game:

Nick B., an agent providing tech support for our client’s cybersecurity customers, went the distance with one customer, earning her deep thanks: “Hats off to Nick, who stuck with me for the course of the several days it took to completely figure out what had gone wrong during my installation. Highest marks for Nick’s professionalism, friendliness, competence, and quality of response. Thanks!”

The Value of Praise

In this challenging year especially, it never ceases to warm our hearts that people take the time to say a word of thanks. This enterprise-level customer had just the right warm words for agent Maria L.: “I just wanted to take the time to let you know what an outstanding job Maria did with addressing my RMA issues. I am new in this role and Maria was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, and patient in explaining the process and how to address issues. Maria’s genuine concern was greatly appreciated because we had a customer-impacting situation, and her assistance helped us to be immediately responsive. People are quick to complain if there are any issues, but they don’t always take the time to let someone know they efforts are appreciated. So I want to make sure that Maria knows her efforts are appreciated. Your team is blessed by your presence. You represent the company well.”

When Your Customer Service Agent Just Gets You

Our agent Susan F. received this fun compliment from a customer she obviously made a connection with. Customer Amber B. called our client to say Susan did an amazing job as their ‘customer service therapist’! Great job, Susan, making the customer feel heard and supported!

The Power of an Awesome Attitude

Justin M. on our data intelligence support team knocked the socks off one of his internal stakeholders, earning these extraordinary words of praise and thanks. Our client wrote, “I wanted to take a few minutes and relay to you how awesome Justin has been in helping me understand our back-end processes in an urgent escalation. When I first pinged Justin for help understanding the process he immediately jumped in and helped educate me. Day after day, he put up with my annoying questions and requests for more information. This was needed as I was directly informing the customer. His quick response, eagerness to help, and his great attitude are very much appreciated. Even though a lot of the work was not owned by him, he went the extra mile to gather what information he could and relay it back to me. This demonstrates his passion in his eagerness to help, attention to detail and diligence he puts into every interaction; such an important value in our company.”



We hope it’s clear how much we love our agents and the clients they support every single day. We’re grateful for our entire Blue Ocean team.


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