Introducing Blue Ocean’s New Website – a Celebration of the Customer Experience

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Blue Ocean, a North American provider of customer care solutions, is excited to announce the new face of Blue Ocean at

When Blue Ocean embarked on the website redesign journey, the primary goal was to center the focus around the total customer experience. The result is a design that celebrates the company’s commitment to its clients’ customers.

The site features bold, concise messaging, engaging video, and interactive features. From menu design to page layout, the site goes beyond being simply informational and offers deeper value at every step. Visitors can quickly navigate to customizable RFP templates, buyer’s guides, custom quotes, and more. These components come together in an elegant, seamless experience, complete with a subtle ocean wave rippling across the background of each page, reinforcing the Blue Ocean name.

The new Resource Center provides easy access to valuable information and insights – and many articles feature an audio or video component for easier consumption of the content.

Similarly, the all-new Career Center leads potential employees through an interactive journey highlighting what it’s like to work at Blue Ocean. Features include video tours, employee stories, interview tips, and interactive visuals of some common Blue Ocean career paths.

“Our intention with the website renovation was to create a unique conversation with each visitor,” comments Amy Bennet, Director, Sales & Marketing at Blue Ocean. “We like to ask questions, learn what’s important to people, and get excited about new ideas. We wanted to reflect these qualities in the design itself, to make a real connection with every potential client or employee.”

“We’re incredibly excited to launch this fresh, innovative new design for our website,” comments Mike Hasler, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Blue Ocean. “The customer care sector has shifted over the last several years in response to new technologies and evolving customer expectations. Our goal is to stay ahead of these changes with a digital presence that surpasses expectations and reflects our dedication to delighting customers.”

We invite you to explore the new and start a conversation with us today!

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