Loyalty Program Management

The 3 Principles of Brand Loyalty in a Highly Disruptive World

by Kim Campbell in Customer Experience, Kim Campbell, Loyalty Program Management

Brand loyalty is a reflection of a customer’s commitment to a relationship with a given retailer or service provider. But, of course, the current era of disruption is changing everything about all our relationships. The way we interact with people and brands has changed—and consumer spending priorities have evolved just as fast.  Read on to […]


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Building a Better Loyalty Program (and the Reward for Getting It Right)

by Kim Campbell in Kim Campbell, Loyalty Program Management

  Check your wallet (digital and/or physical) – do you have loyalty cards for your favorite retail outlets? Gas, grocery, fashion, technology… and probably more. Salesforce research says consumers like us belong to 4.3 loyalty programs on average. And you’re probably spending a decent amount of money at those places. If, for example, you’re a […]


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