You’re Asking the Wrong Questions: A Better Way to RFP for Outsourced Customer Care [eBook]

by Amy Bennet in Amy Bennet, Contact Center RFP, Customer Care, eBook

The RFP is the slog you need that 3rd cup of coffee to get through—especially when it’s an RFP for outsourced customer care. After all, we’re talking about a complex, customer-facing solution that needs to align seamlessly with your brand.

In our experience, technology, attrition, and business continuity are the hot three areas of any contact center RFP—and yet these are the sections we consistently find some of the most outdated or cookie cutter questions that fail to paint an accurate picture of the vendor or the solution you’re potentially buying into.

We know it’s a little blunt to tell you you’re asking the wrong questions in that RFP, but our goal is to ensure you find the best possible outsourcer for your business.

If you’re still asking about telephony platforms, annual attrition rates, or hot site back-ups, it’s time to overhaul your customer care RFP. But we’ve got you—just grab a copy of our latest eBook. It’s a quick download where you’ll find a handful of higher value RFP questions about contact center technology, attrition, and the BCP.



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