Automating Transactional Volume for Multinational IT Corporation: A Case Study

by Amy Bennet in Amy Bennet, Blue Ocean News, Case Studies, Contact Center Outsourcing

The Client

This multinational IT and networking technology corporation has been our client for more than 10 years. As one of three contact center vendors supporting order management for this organization at a global level, we deliver logistics support, change management and technical documentation. On a daily basis, we coordinate logistics for engineering equipment for their top tier enterprise clients. Since this project began, we have grown our team for this client from 28 agents to a team of more than 140 people.

The Challenge

In recent years, our client invested in advanced business management software to help drive improvements in business processes. Their journey to introduce more automation – essentially reducing call volume into the contact center – could have had a negative impact on our revenue stream as their contact center partner.  But as a strategic partner invested in the long-term success and profitability of our client, we saw this as an opportunity to support our client through innovation and collaboration.

The Tactics

Our goal is to serve as the subject matter experts for improving customer experience and driving efficiency through automation.

Leverage subject matter expertise from our frontline experience. With years of experience under our belts and a stable team who are experts in our client’s business, we enhanced the Blue Ocean team to include specialists who are responsible for identifying opportunities to automate specific processes that simultaneously serve the end-user better and save the client money. We sum the specialists’ mission up in one sentence: “Drive cost out of our client’s business while enhancing the customer experience.”

In one example, we enhanced the tracking and introduced automation to a group of high touch customers. We identified a process in which we could create a series of systematic rules to minimize touches that met specific criteria. This resulted in a time savings of 22 hours per month.

In another example, we removed the manual intervention steps and automated the processing for a group of part previously restricted. The transactional cost of $25,000 per quarter related to those touches was eliminated and the process was made more efficient for everyone involved.

Focus on the “People Side” of change management. As part of the strategy to drive down transactional volume, we brought on a change management specialist that is Prosci certified, who works directly with our client’s global suppliers to ensure that any changes are being adopted and accepted. We recognize that change can be difficult, so we have made a point to focus on the people-side of the change, hearing their voices and gathering actionable feedback.

The Results

As we have helped to automate basic, high volume, highly repetitive tasks, our frontline agents for this client have become true problem-solvers. Our Tier 1 and Tier 2 agents are adding more value higher up in the customer experience process by being engaged in complex, critical decision-making. Driving down transactional volume has also enabled us to deliver significant value-adds, such as change management, technical documentation, and deep subject matter expertise.

Through migrating low level tasks to Tier 0 and automating routine tasks, we have made a significant impact on our client’s bottom line, with cost savings in the hundreds of thousands in just one year alone.

Going forward, we are united with our client in the quest for innovation. We’re working hard to leverage their investments and ROI across the entire enterprise.

If you’re looking to strategically support your top tier clients by optimizing your transactional processes, let us know. Complex customer service scenarios are our sweet spot. Let’s talk today.

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