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3 Tips to Improve Contact Center Reporting

by Kim Campbell in Contact Center Reporting, Kim Campbell

“My goal is that our reporting is concise, honest, accurate, and actionable.” – Reporting Coordinator, Blue Ocean Contact Centers Many company leaders share that same goal. However, aligning your contact center reporting strategy to your goals is no simple stroll in the park. It starts by questioning everything. Is the data valuable? Is the data […]


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Three Unexpected Truths About Launching a Customer Service Outsourcing Program

by Kim Campbell in Customer Service Outsourcing, Kim Campbell

If you’re a growing company, it’s likely that at some point you will consider the strategic decision to partner with a customer service outsourcer.  This process often begins with some informal conversations and then the more formal call center RFP process. Whether you’ve already chosen your customer service outsourcing partner or are in the process […]


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5 Reasons You Can (and Should) Trust Social Media Customer Care to Your Contact Center

by Kim Campbell in Customer Service Outsourcing, Kim Campbell, Social Media Customer Support

When organizations look at social media as a communication channel with outbound elements (engagement related to brand building, marketing, and PR) and inbound elements (customer-generated support requests, information requests, and service issues), it is clear that your customer care team has a role to play in managing the channel. Can you leverage your outsourced call […]


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