Lifetime Customer Value

4 Ways To Preserve Customer Loyalty When Call Volume Spikes [SlideShare]

by Abby Saranchuk in Customer Service Outsourcing, Lifetime Customer Value

As experts in forecasting, we know call volume spikes are inevitable and not always predictable. From extreme weather to product recalls, there’s an infinite number of scenarios that will flood your contact center in an instant, resulting in increased average handle times, wait times, and customer frustration. To preserve customer loyalty and sustain healthy CSAT […]


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Lifetime Customer Value: Measuring Customer Service Performance

by Kim Campbell in Call Center Metrics, Kim Campbell, Lifetime Customer Value

Don’t we all wish that customers came with a lifetime guarantee? They’d make their first purchase and be irrevocably smitten for life? In that perfect world, customer retention would be at 100% and customer turnover would be zero. Since that’s not the world we live in, customers need to experience prompt and dedicated attention at […]


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