Your Guide to Managing Contact Center Agents


Everything you need to know about agent management

Trusting an outsourced contact center with your brand takes more than a well-crafted RFP. Putting your customer service in the hands of unknown agents requires a thorough understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. More than just hiring and training them, you need to know how your outsourced partner is managing contact center agents on a daily basis.


Maintaining an efficient and effective outsourced contact center while simultaneously wowing your customers requires robust, effective workforce management in tandem with a comprehensive understanding of the big picture. Managing agents is an integral part of the picture.


Our latest eBook provides a look behind the scenes in HR and Workforce Management.


Here’s what’s inside:

• Navigating Generational Differences in the Contact Center Workforce
• What HR Wishes WFM Knew About Call Center Employee Experience
• 3 Ways to Empower Call Center Agents
• 5 Lessons for the Buyer of Customer Service Outsourcing

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I’ve worked with dozens of contact center partners throughout the course of my career. They all say the same thing. They all say their agents will fully adopt my brand. They all say it. Blue Ocean is the only company I’ve seen where they actually do it.”


VP, Cloud Operations for the World-Leader in Data Intelligence