3 Reasons Canada is the Best Nearshore Contact Center Option for U.S. Companies

by Amy Bennet in Amy Bennet, Customer Service Outsourcing, Nearshore Contact Center

Going across the border might not be the first place you think of when considering to outsource outside of the United States.  With tens of thousands of call center outsourcers worldwide, the decision to go to with a nearshore contact center in Canada is not one of simple supply and demand.

Another common misnomer is that there is an exchange rate advantage for US companies to outsource to Canada. And currently that’s true, $1 Canadian equals about $0.90 US. Sure, you might be able to save a few percentages. However, if history is a lesson, the exchange rate can be flipped around in a matter of months. It’s a tough metric to bet the farm on.  There is a solid business case to be made for considering Canada as your best nearshore contact center option.

Here’s why:

1. Access to High Quality Labor Market

Canada is the world leader in generating college graduates with 56% of young adults earning an associate’s degree compared to just 30 percent average of OECD countries.

A pool of higher educated agents means your contact center team is well-positioned to have strong communication skills, discipline to follow work processes, and higher aptitudes for analysis to help customers more efficiently and effectively.

2. Less Agent Turnover

According to research by Cornell University, the rate is as high as 40% in offshore destinations like India or the Philippines. Whereas the comparable quit is 20% in Canada, and it’s even lower here at Blue Ocean.

Turnover in the outsourced call center environment will increase your costs on recruitment, screening, and training. And if you’re comparing Blue Ocean to an offshore center for instance, your costs would be nearly 50% less to recruit and train agents.

3. Culture Factor

While it is difficult to measure, cultural alignment criteria should not be overlooked when outsourcing your center. Going offshore will most certainly challenge your ability to minimize language and cultural differences.

Companies like Delta Airlines had to move call center operations back to the US because angry customers wanted better English. Because of news media, television shows, and basic geography, the Canadian culture is inherently intertwined with American culture.  It’s likely your customers wouldn’t even know they are talking to a Canadian versus an American.

Big city consumers like New Yorkers are known for their affinity to save the niceties for their mothers and fathers – not the consumer brands they buy products and services from. Which makes Canada, and Nova Scotia, a perfect place to locate a center to support the high expectations of today’s urban consumer. For example, Halifax is widely known for its friendly populous and a service oriented mindset – just Google it! Historically and culturally, we are simply hardwired to be empathetic and understanding.

Need a hand navigating up North? You can contact us here. We’re fortunate to talk with some of the North America’s leading brands regarding their customer service operations. Without fail, the number one goal of these companies is to improve the customer experience while keeping costs in check.  In North America, Canada is the ideal nearshore contact center location that enables companies to do just that.

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