Your Guide to the Post-Pandemic Contact Center Is Here!

by Blue Ocean News in eBook


Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself: “How will contact centers navigate the post-COVID world?” It’s a question we contemplate often here at Blue Ocean, and we’re glad to say we didn’t stop there. After much thought, deliberation, and research, we’ve come up with the quintessential guide for your post-pandemic contact center. And we’re thrilled to share it with you as a free download.

We know a little bit about the trappings and pitfalls of our new work-at-home world, having moved over 90 percent of Blue Ocean’s workforce into a remote environment in response to COVID-19 conditions. And we know we’re not the only ones seeking answers about the long-term implications of work-from-home agents. Questions abound:

  • What does remote work mean for long-term network management?
  • What does redundancy and business continuity look like when your workforce depends upon home networks?
  • How do we ensure access to products in a lab environment for hands-on product support?
  • How are company culture and values reinforced and strengthened in a remote environment?
  • What lessons will we learn from the massive amounts of customer data accumulating throughout this crisis?


These questions represent only the tip of the CX iceberg, but we’re confident that we can help pioneer the way forward. Download your free guide today to get viable solutions to these and many other emerging issues in this uncertain landscape.

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